Friday, May 27, 2005

Hairy Females

So far so good. I’ve gotten my META tags fixed for keywords. The keyword tags I had before were a mess. It’s hard to know what is the optimal number of characters to have in that META tag field… every site you go to says something different. All agree you shouldn’t go over 255 characters though, so that’s what I’ve kept them at.

Understanding Google is a science I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand. DigitalPoint, which offered the keyword analysis in my post a few days ago, also offers another cool tool where you can check your page’s ranking for certain keywords daily, weekly and monthly. Here’s where I stand on certain phrases over the last week:

Why, I ask myself, is a site all about the Reverse Daycare at Warped Tour in the middle of page 14 on Google? Well, typing in that phrase in Google brings the answer. From pages 7 through 14, there are a series of nonsense spam sites. Any parent searching Google using the phrase Reverse Daycare Warped Tour has to pass by such nonsense and/or offensive gems as (I kid you not, these are real site names):

Hairy Females
Taylor Little F*ck
Midnight Booty Call
Free Cock Dick
Darma and Greg
Eugene Public Library

So when the next kid asks their mom or dad, "Can I go to Warped Tour? They have a Reverse Daycare you can hang out in.", and mom or dad heads out to Google and types in Reverse Daycare Warped Tour, what do you think the chances are that they’ll find my site after spotting Hairy Females on page 7, or Free Cock Dick on page 10?

Yeah, I think the same. I shouldn't complain though. Perhaps out there is some webmaster who has spent countless hours creating an informative and well researched site on Hairy Females. And perhaps their authority site is pushed down to page 14 after a series of spam pages on the Reverse Daycare at Warped Tour.

Anyway all of the opening day bands I was able to find are added, and I’ve started to slowly wind my way through June. This should be a pretty busy weekend so I’m not setting out on my next goal of page optimization until Monday.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!


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