Thursday, May 19, 2005

I get knocked down, but I get up again, no you’re never gonna keep me down

I love one hit wonders.

Continuing on with the theme of my first blog post, I’ve decided that any substantial Google traffic for this year’s Warped Tour is a bust, so I’m setting my sites on Warped 2006. The site needs to be completely done over from the ground floor up if I want to appear in at least the third page of Google results, let alone the first.

I’m not going to work on any major design revamp right now, as I still need to service the visitors who are coming for parental information on this year’s Warped. Trying to get all of the smaller bands in before the opening day is a daunting enough challenge, one that I don’t think I’ll make in time. But hey, I’m trying.

Because I tend to think better when I’m writing goals down, I’m trying to organize and categorize my priorities and wishes for the site. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Understand and implement better keyword phrases
Understand and implement page optimization
Begin a link building campaign
Understand and implement search engine optimization
Re-design site
Get substantial traffic
Earn AdSense income
Get a domain name

That’s the order. So, before I begin, where to start?

There are zillions of webmaster resources on line, and each one will tell you something different. I’ve decided to start with SEOmoz as I find the site to be accessible to people like me – people who know that they need something, just not exactly what is it. Pretty much I’ll spend the next week or so going over that site from top to bottom.

To understand what to fix, I felt I needed a snapshot of where I stand now. SEOmoz has tons of extremely valuable tools that are free if you don’t mind the wait. Honestly, for the value these tools provide, I’d wait all day.

I’m running the reports there, and at several other sites they suggested, and will save the results so I have something to look back on as I tweak the site a bit.


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