Sunday, May 29, 2005

It’s Armageddon!!

Oh the forums they are a-buzzin’

Anywhere and everywhere you turn, there is only one thing in any webmaster’s mind this Memorial Day weekend.

Google PR is down

Is it just a computer glitch? Will everything be ok on Tuesday?

Were they hacked?

Have they trashed it?

Are they repairing it?

Time will tell. The thread about it at is up to 18 pages and growing.

Interesting times. An entire industry has been built on Google PR, so this holiday weekend has got to be a pretty miserable one for more than a few folks.

Having just recently made the grand jump from PR0 to PR3 this doesn't effect me nearly as much as most folks out there. It should prove interesting though to see what happens on Tuesday with that all important Page Rank section of the Google toolbar


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