Monday, May 23, 2005


All of the reports at SEOmoz finished running, so this week I’ll be tackling keywords.

SEOmoz suggested running the free keyword tool at DigitalPoint. Using the number one search term “Warped Tour”, DigitalPoint suggested the following keywords

So it’s pretty obvious the keywords I need to tweak the page for. DigitalPoint also offers an analysis of how your page ranks using certain keywords and phrases. While I wasn’t as bad as I originally thought, for the top term of “warped tour”, I was position 141 on Google today. Not as bad..... but still pretty abysmal. A searcher needs to wade all the way down to page 10 to find me, and most Google searchers give up after page three.

So… my goals for week ending May 28th are to finish getting all the bands for opening day up on the page, and to tweak the front page text a bit so that the phrase “warped tour” appears more. It's a pretty cool little tool, if you'd like to try it for your site


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