Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Warped Tour, Randall's Island, August 13, 2005

One thing about teenagers… their minds change like the weather.

If I’m well enough to attend Warped Tour this August remains to be seen. I have two herniated discs in my neck and two herniated discs in my lower back from the car accident, so right now the idea of standing in line for three hours to get into Randall’s Island makes me wince.

If I am well enough, if I go at all this year is dependent on the whims of three teenagers who are undecided about this year’s lineup. August could see me crossing the Triborough in any one of the following combinations:

Scenario 1: Boys only. If it’s that combination, they don’t need me there. I’ll probably just drop them off at the shuttle in Queens, and rely on them for website updates of what happened at Warped 2005.

Scenario 2: Stepdaughter & friend. She’s still young enough that she needs someone there, so in that case, I’d attend and hang out in the Parent’s Tent. Maybe I’ll go with some surveys and hand them out there to other parents, if they’ll let me. That way I’ll have more updates for the page.

Scenario 3: Boys and stepdaughter & friend. That would mean I’d have to attend. My husband as well as we’d need two cars to haul boys plus a stepdaughter plus a friend.

Scenario 4: Boys with friends plus stepdaughter with friend. Well we definitely can’t do that limo thing again. We’ll just have to cram everyone into the Cavalier and the Accent.

Scenario 5: Nobody wants to go.

Scenario 6: Nieces and children. I have a few nieces with kids in the 12-13 year old range. If they want to go, I may tag along as company for them so I can get some parent interviews in.

As living with teenagers has proven time and time again, which scenario I fall into probably won’t be decided until August 1st.


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