Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wow, I'm honored and humbled

Checking the referrer logs, I noticed my first bloglink. I'm really amazed someone would bring up my site in a discussion. It was from a discussion on the more things change, the more they stay the same kind of things. If there is any way that punk today is the same as it was back in the oldentimes, it's the male domination of the music industry.

My page came up as a reference to another hot topic, girls and crowdsurfing, which I still get endless barely-intelligible emails stating something along the lines of YO U SHULDN'T TALK ABEOUT WUT U DONT NO ABOUT BITCH CROWDSURFING RULZZZZZZZ, which in English I believe translates to "Excuse me madam, but I enjoy crowdsurfing very much, thank you."

I wasn't in any of the pits at Warped 2004 obviously, so I can't relay first hand knowledge. I can only go by what was told to me by my son. When a feminist woman and an enlightened male have a child, and raise him in a community of other feminist women and enlightened males, they tend to raise someone with a healthy respect of women. And he was really disturbed by what he saw in more than a few pits.

At first it was, "OK that was gross"... then in the second pit it was, "What the hell?"... after about 5 pits of witnessing the same old groping behavior he was pretty disgusted.

I don't know. My stepdaughter went into the pit at Warped 2003, but she kept her feet on the ground. That's still my stand on the whole issue.

Should they be able to crowdsurf without being groped? Yes. Is it their fault that they got groped for crowdsurfing in the first place? No. We just still live in an imperfect world, even if we are at the perfect concert. There's no easy answer.


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