Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Back on target

OK after a slight detour from this blog's original intention, I am back on track with my goals.

I'm not sure if I fit into the sandbox category that I originally thought. All I know is, on the same day that Google dropped me from #3 to #9874, the exact same thing happened to countless other webmasters, all of whom have more experience with SEO than I. I don't feel so alone anymore, but I'm still completely baffled by the whole experience.

In any event, my next task is to increase the number of sites that link to me. Right now I'm winding my way through directories, which has got to be the most mind-numbingly dull and boring part of owning any website. Yet, "they" say it's what I need, so I'm merrily submitting away... zzzzzzzzzzzz


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