Monday, June 27, 2005

Play that funky music, Game Boy

No time for any updates today, other than posting another fantastic parent's review on the Illinois Warped Tour page. One thing about Illinois moms - they can really write! I give credit to the Illinois school system. Having attended no less than three different high schools in Illinois (we moved a lot), I can vouch for what was going on there back in the day. Out of all the high schools I went to (5 in total. Like I said. We moved. A lot.) the ones in Illinois were my favorites.

Very busy weekend, and I've got to get running this morning. The kids went to a free concert this weekend from the Huntington Arts Festival, and saw an absolutely amazing show put on by BubblyFish and Chiaki Watanabe. You must spare some time and check out their websites.

Only my son was excited to see this show at first. He has been playing rearranged video game music for me for some time, and is quite a fan of this genre. His girlfriend and friend were a little sketchy about the whole thing. They thought it sounded a little shady, but were willing to give it a shot. It was really wonderful to see how pumped they were when I picked them up, and how much they loved it. They all did mention that they would like to see these two in NYC sometime, to see them play in an environment other than a local free arts festival. Although from what they relayed, the senior citizens in front of them were really rocking out.

Just an edit... after posting this, I noticed that MSNBC wrote a review of 8-bit music using the same title as my post. But I swear, I made it up myself!!


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