Friday, July 01, 2005

Dear Moron who entered my contest,

Dear Moron who entered my contest,

Yes, Moron, I’m speaking to you. So far there have been 36 of you, but I’ll just lump you under the same name of Moron.

The rules are pretty clear. The blub on the contest site is pretty clear too:

“Moms and Dads! Have you taken your kids to Warped Tour? Come visit the Warped Tour Parent’s Guide, and write a review about it. Any parent or guardian who submits a review will be automatically entered to win a gift certificate to US/Canada only, age 21 . Minimum review 100 words.”

OK Moron, so tell me, what part of “writes a review” don’t you understand?

To Moron1 through Moron23 who just submitted a blank entry form with only your email address – you didn’t win!

To Moron24 through Moron26 who wrote variations of “What is Warped Tour?” – you didn’t win!

To Moron27 who wrote “YR PAGE SUX” – you didn’t win!

Runners up in the Failed to Read category include:

To Moron28 through Moron32 who wrote one line variations of “It was hot and crowded don’t go” – you didn’t win!

To Moron33 who wrote “Can I bring a cooler with beer? Please enterme in the contest too" – you didn’t win!

To Moron34 from INDIA who started your review with, “I took my doughter to worped touer when it came here..” – you didn’t win!

And the Grand Prize winner… it’s a tie!

Drumroll please…

Moron35: Vietnam budget travel, vietnam mini hotel, vietnam budget tour, tour ticket booking, property & car rental...


Moron36: free mature pics

….. you didn’t win!

Congratulations to all the Morons! You won’t need the $25.00 gift certificate, because you obviously can’t read.

Warped Tour Mom


.... and just think. I set myself up until next April to get these. :: sigh :: the things we do for traffic.


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