Saturday, July 23, 2005

First award

I got an award.

Many thanks, Cover Zone!

True, it's no Webby.

But it's my first. And it means a lot to me.

I don't win many things. I once won a free weekend trip for two to NY. I've gotten a few magazine subscriptions. My biggest and proudest award was about 20 years ago as an honorable mention and printing in The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest book*.

Now, the experts on the left would scoff at my award. But to me it's a big deal. I'm old enough to remember a time when awards and webrings were cool things online. I'm stubborn enough to still apply for them. And I still think they're cool.

And you know what? So does my target audience --> moms.

Moms love awards. Moms love webrings. Moms are the ones who, after working a full day and getting all the housework done, are giving up their free time playing Canasta over at Pogo to search out what this Warped Tour thing is all about. OK dads too in all fairness, but the bulk of the email I get comes from moms.

And mom's websites are chock-full of awards and webrings. Interestingly enough, let me tell you a little something about SERP and webrings.

Way back during my golden days of Google-#3, I had a link to a webring for Women of Strength and Inner Beauty. And when I had that link there, I had 24 Google-recognized inbound links. During a revamp of my index page, I accidentially deleted that ring code. I didn't even notice that I had done it. And when I fell down to Google-#9000 something, my backwards links fell down to 4. I think losing that little code is part of my drop. That WOSIB thing online is a biiiigggg deal to moms. It's back up now. I was horrified to have deleted it. That WOSIB thing online is a biiigggg deal to me too. I love WOSIB.

So, to wrap this up, because I tend to go on way too long, my award means something to me. It shouts "I'm a mom who make a website directed at other moms" and/or "I really like awards and people who give them" to my target audience. They recognize me as one of them. So thanks, Cover Zone! It really, really means a lot to me! If you love webrings as much as I do, The CoverZone runs more than a few you may want to check out.

*My contest entry: "As I look back on all the loves of my life, none was as overpowering as that of Claude, the boy in my seventh-grade English class, who's eyes were as green as the swimming pool my mother had installed the summer before she was put in a wheelchair, and was thus too preoccupied to concern herself with it's general maintenance." If you don't know what this contest is all about, you won't get it. But if you do, you'll agree that's one horrible opening line.


Anonymous Nancy said...


Of course we love awards! I would love to win something.

10:17 AM  
Blogger WarpedTourMom said...

Thanks Nancy!

7:41 AM  

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