Monday, July 04, 2005

Fuel for my addiction

I read way too many blogs

I read a lot more than those listed to the right.

I have bookmarks for cat blogs, funny blogs, politicial blogs, computer blogs, virus and adware blogs, tech support blogs….

It’s become pretty bad.

Last night I found BlogExplosion. Now it’s going to get a lot worse.

I’ve never been big for those !!!!traffic explosion!!!! type sites, where you surf a few member sites to get a hit on yours. I think most people just click click click their way through to get their credits. And I tried them in the beginning, but I got tired of click, click, clicking my way through 20 other !!!explode your traffic!!! type sites only to get one 30 second hit to my site.

Oh but this is so different.

It’s for bloooooogggggggsssssssss

I surfed through a few last night and have already added three more blogs into my bookmarks.

I'll be featured on that Intervention show soon.....

(fade to black)



Warped Tour Mom sits in her office, surfing through her IKeepBookmarks links of blogs

Cut to sink full of dirty dishes

Cut to cats crying next to empty food bowls

Cut to overflowing laundry baskets

Husband enters office, "Babe, did you get a chance to call the insurance company today about that bill?"

Warped Tour Mom: "Yeah, hon... um.. hang on a sec.."

Cut to Warped Tour Mom posting a heated comment about the G8 summit

Son enters office, "Mom, can you drive us to Blockbuster?"

Warped Tour Mom: "Ok, um, hon, hang on ok, 10 minutes?"

Cut to Warped Tour Mom adding yet another bookmark about SEO

Cat enters office, "Prrrang? Prrrt! Meeeooowwww!!!"

Warped Tour Mom: "Get down!"

Cut to Warped Tour Mom knocking cat off desk, adding 50th comment to post about Sandy D's retirement and what that means for a women's right to choose.


Cut to family sitting in living room.

Husband: It's gotten out of control!!

Son: You said you'd drive us to Blockbuster yesterday and you never did!!

Cat: Prraaaanng! Prreettmeeeeooowww!!

Warped Tour Mom: (crying, screaming) I can stop whenever I want!!

(fade to black)


Interventionist: No one is mad at you. You have to understand they are frustrated by your blogreading.

Warped Tour Mom: (screaming) I have to get back! Ian Turner is missing, damnit!!!

Interventionist: You need to realize your obsessive blog reading is just covering up for some emptiness inside you.

(fade to black)

Cut to Warped Tour Mom entering luddite-esque rehab with no computers. Looking pale and drawn.

Warped Tour Mom: I'll do this for them, but I don't think I have a problem.

(fade to black)



Blogger doris said...

Er, just know you are not alone :-)

I find I read the blogs rather than just click on to the next with BlogExplosion! I may have missed the point somewhere but I'm enjoying it!

3:57 PM  
Blogger WarpedTourMom said...

We can get a double room at rehab. And I'll sneak in the wireless satellite laptop. :)

5:10 PM  

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