Saturday, July 02, 2005

Interview With Me

Interview with me

The Warped Tour Parents Info Guide webmistress had a little too much coffee this morning, and decided to post an interview with herself.

WTPG: Good morning.
Me: Morning

WTPG: Are you comfortable? Is there anything I can get for you before we start?
Me: Could I have some more coffee?

WTPG: Don’t you think you’ve had enough?
Me: Guess you’re right. Do you mind if I smoke?

WTPG: You really shouldn’t you know. Those things will kill you. Didn’t you visit Truth’s booth last year at Warped Tour?
Me: Yes :: lighting up ::. And the year before too.

WTPG: OK, well, let’s get started. Can you give us your full name?
Me: I’m Terri, but I’d rather not give my last name. If someone wants to Google me hard enough they could probably find the last name, but it’s just Terri for now.

WTPG: That sounds pornographic.
Me: You’re pathetic.

WTPG: So, tell me about starting the Parents Guide. Why did you make that site?
Me: I covered that already here and here. It’s all been said.

WTPG: OK, so, are you going to Warped Tour this year?
Me: Probably not. If you had taken the time to read here, you’d already know the answer to that question. I’m still not sure. There are a lot of variables.

WTPG: Do you think you’ll ever attend Warped Tour again?
Me: Again, I don’t know. I can’t say no. The musical tastes of the kids change a lot. This year they really don’t like anyone there, but you can’t say how they’ll feel next year. They’re all old enough that they can go by themselves now. However, if I’m going to go to the trouble to drive them all the way to the Randall’s Island shuttle in Queens, I might as well drive them the extra 10 minutes across the bridge to Warped Tour itself and stay for the day. I don’t think I’d ever go to Warped Tour by myself, but again, you can’t say. I’ve met a ton of really nice people through MySpace and the Parents Guide, and it might be nice to see them in person.

WTPG: So, say you never attend again. Why keep the site running? Why put so much work into it?
Me: Again, I’ve already said. Once the page got up and running, it took a life of it’s own. I kind of feel I have a responsibility now to continue what I started. There is still no information out there for parents. And the kids who want to go each year seem to get younger and younger. When you’ve got a 10, 11, 12 year old asking, “Can I go to Warped Tour?” it’s a really scary thing for a parent.

Also, there’s kind of a challenge factor in it too. I’m a rather competitive person. When I saw my page show up on page 1 of Google, it was a real rush. When Google dropped me under page 13, now it’s become a test. Can I get back to page 1? Can I teach myself enough about search engine optimization to get there? It’s kind of a game. And I’m not in the Yahoo index at all… how do I get in? What do I need to do? There’s so much to learn, and what I do learn can be transferred over into other webpages.

Finally, except for the summer, it’s really not a lot of work. During the winter the page just sits dormant. Once the bands are announced then things pick up a bit. During the summer, I may do about 30 minutes a day on the page. And somedays I’m just so busy, I don’t get to touch it at all.

WTPG: You mention “other webpages”. Do you have them?
Me: Yes, I have a ghost site floating out there that I really need to work on. Once I update it a bit I’ll announce it.

WTPG: “Ghost site”, like, real ghosts?
Me: No, “ghost site”, like, a ghost ship. Abandoned.

WTPG: OK, so tell us a little more about yourself? How cool are you?
Me: I’m really not cool at all. That’s a common misconception about me. I’m a proud nerd, and always have been. But then again, I think nerds are cool, so I guess I’m pretty cool after all. I had the horn-rimmed glasses before they became a fashion statement in the 80’s, because I’m blind as a bat and needed those huge frames to hold my lenses.

I don’t really fit into any category. I’m not a soccer mom, but I’m not one of those hard-rocking cool moms either. I wear hippie clothes but I’m not a hippie mom because I smoke, but I’m not a play bridge and go to parties type mom either because those women bore me. I work a lot of hours at a pretty big corporation, but I’m not some career driven type-A mom. I’m just me.

WTPG: What other misconceptions are there about you?
Me: That I have a kid who plays Warped Tour. I get that question a lot, “What band are your kids in?” Or that I’m a MILF. I really hate that term and think it’s really derogatory to women. When people post comments like that I won’t approve them, because it’s so lame. I see a MILF-type comment and think, “Wow, a pop-culture term! Aren’t you a lemming, loser.”

WTPG: That’s pretty harsh.
Me: It’s pretty true.

WTPG: But aren't you just bitter that you're not thin? Maybe you're just angry because you have no self control.
Me: Watch it.

WTPG: Well, it's true though, isn't it? I mean, how many diets have you started and failed this year? When are you going to finally lose those "baby pounds"? Your 'baby' is 16.
Me: Either you change the topic, or this interview is over.

WTPG: So what kind of music do you like? Who is your favorite band?
Me: I can’t answer that, because I just love music. I always have. I can say I don’t like poppy teenybopper music, and I find that genre offensive. But other than that, music has saved my life, in more ways that one, and when I hear something I like, it doesn't matter what genre or band it is; I just fall into it.

WTPG: What kind of CDs do you buy though.
Me: :: looking around :: (whisper) I don’t buy CDs. My son burns them for me. Please don’t tell anyone.

WTPG: OK that’s off the record. So what kind of CDs has he burned for you – errr – ahem – have you bought?
Me: Well, Elvis Costello, a few of those. A Billy Holiday or two. A Frank Sinatra or two. A Morrissey or two or three. Lots of world music, some ambient music. And just tons and tons of CDs with bands I couldn’t possibly mention to you. My son carries about 30 lbs. of CDs with him at all times. And he always has something good.

WTPG: Do you get along with your son?
Me: I think so, I’d like to think he thinks so. Hard to say. Teenage years are so bizarre. I think he’s a good person, the type of person I’d want as my friend if I was 16. He makes me laugh, and he’s interesting to talk with. He’s a kind person. And an honest one. I don't mean honest as in, "tells the truth", because the child will lie like a rug even when caught red-handed. I mean more his expression. He has an honest expression of self and the world around him. He's authentic, down to his core.

WTPG: Do you ever fight?
Me: Occasionally, I think any relationship where you don’t have a fight or two or three is kind of unhealthy. Someone is keeping something inside. It’s hard when you’re having an argument with your precious baby, and the little toddler who once said, “You’re the best mom in the world!” now says “Sucks to be you” when you’re going at it, but that’s life. I still watch that PBS Inside the Teenage Brain thing online at least once every other month, because I think it helps me to be a better parent. It reminds me that there is so much going on in there, a lot of what they do just isn’t their fault. They are brain-damaged.

WTPG: Brain-damaged?
Me: Yes, and it helps out a lot with “Why not?” type arguments. I mean, look at this:

Teenager: Can I do (fill in the risky behavior request here)?
Parent: No.
Teenager: Why?
Parent: Because I say so.
Teenager: That’s no answer (argument continues)

Now compare it to:

Teenager: Can I do (fill in the risky behavior request here)?
Parent: No.
Teenager: Why?
Parent: Because you’re brain damaged.
Teenager: (stunned silence. Argument is over)

See? If you just remember that their frontal lobes bear no resemblance to anything else on earth during these years, it really helps a lot. So if he’s asking to do something out of the question, I won’t get into an argument over it. The answer is no. He’s brain damaged. Once his frontal lobe pares itself down a bit, he’ll realize what a bizarre request it really was.

WTPG: That’s rather invalidating, isn’t it?
Me: Honestly I think it’s less invalidating than, “Because I say so.” When I was 15, I wanted to work and live at King Richard’s Faire. I got accepted to be an apprentice there. My parents were just, “No! A 15 year old is not going to live in a campground with minimal supervision all summer!” I was so furious, but now I know they were right. I can’t begin to image the amount of trouble I would have gotten into had I done that. I was livid, because out of hundreds of applications they only accepted 5, and I was one of them, but I was just too young and brain-damaged to handle it.

WTPG: So what bizarre requests have you invalidated him with a "you're brain damaged" response?
Me: Actually not too many. But one memorable one was to skip school during finals week when he was 15, and do a 250-mile road trip with some friends who had already graduated high school to see The Pixies. Then sleep in the car and make a 250-mile road trip home. Only a brain-damaged person would actually ask their neurotic, fear-based, overly protective mother if they could to do something like that at 15. I mean, what did he think the answer was going to be? "Yes"? Brain damaged.

WTPG: So let’s get back to the Parents Guide a little more. You’ve slowed down updating it, I see.
Me: Yeah, I feel a little guilty about that, but I really have to balance my time. I update it if I’ve got some time to sit down, but if I don’t, then I just can’t. Also I’m really worried about the way the band page looks right now. It’s a mess, and there are just so many links there I’m afraid Google thinks I’m a link farm. I think that may have something to do with my Google drop.

WTPG: So what are you going to do with it?
Me: I’m still not sure. I want parents to have a way to say, “Hey, I really like reggae, or I really like power-pop, what bands are in that category?” and be able to find that quickly. I also am really big on talking about the music your kids listen to. I believe music is sacred, and if you are having a discussion on music with your kid, you enter a holy place.

WTPG: Wow, that’s kind of… weird.
Me: I’m kind of weird.

WTPG: Can you elaborate on that a bit?
Me: No.

WTPG: Why not?
Me: Because this has grown to four pages in MS Word so far and I’m getting tired of typing.

WTPG: So how can we wrap this up?
Me: Maybe say, “Well, Warped Tour Mom, thanks for your time. I have many more questions, maybe we can continue this again next month?”

WTPG: Well, Warped Tour Mom, thanks for your time. I have many more questions, maybe we can continue this again next month?
Me: Sure. My pleasure.

WTPG: You know the litterboxes need to be cleaned.
Me: Yeah, I’m getting to it.


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This is a riot. I actually did wade all the way down to about page 16 in google and found your site there after my 14 year old asked to go. We'll be going next month thanks to you! I really enjoy this blog and your page, keep up the great work! -Sue

10:42 PM  
Blogger WarpedTourMom said...

Thanks for clicking that 'next' button 16 times Sue! And have a great day!

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