Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Paging Captain Dan....

OK, so what’s the deal with Captain Dan this year? Prior years, the Captain Dan blog was updated nanoseconds after Warped Tour ended each day.

All right, I'm exaggerating a bit. But c'mon. Dan, hon, if you’re going to have a blog, and – more importantly – have it hosted on a website that gets insane traffic levels, you gotta update it. Please. We’re begging you.

You ok Dan? If you don't update it, I start to worry. That's what moms do. We don't hear from you, all sorts of scenarios start to float through our worried little minds.....

Scenario 1: He forgot sunscreen. He's hospitalized with infected 2nd degree burns
Scenario 2: He forgot to drink enough water. Dehydrated and disoriented, he's wandering lost somewhere in Phoenix
Scenario 3: He got knocked out in the pit.
Scenario 4: He hooked up with some floozy parent in the Reverse Daycare.
Scenario 5: He got e-coli from eating undercooked hamburgers at the BBQ. Didn't you visit the Peta2 booth? Those things will kill you.
Scenario 6: He got e-coli from not using anti-bacterial lotion on his hands after using the Port-o-Potties. Didn't you read my suggestions? Those things will kill you.
Scenario 7: Hit in the head from an errant baseball at the MLB batting cages
Scenario 8: Manipulated by cute Marine recruiter into joining the few, the proud, the brave

I jumped over to Feedster to see if anyone else was as worried as I was. Maybe Captain Dan could be the next "Ian Turner is missing". But nope, other than myself, one "Captain Dan sux", and one person who did nothing other than copy his stats, the blog world is quiet on Captain Dan's disappearance since 6/29. Could this be a conspiracy? Has the blogging community, jealous over his attention, somehow conspired to kidnap Captain Dan and hold him hostage until Fall?

Scenario 9: Jealous over his attention, prominent music bloggers have somehow conspired to kidnap him, and hold him hostage until the Fall.

The pictures are great, though. Everyone posts band pictures on their blogs. From an old fogey standpoint, they all start to look the same after a while. Captain Dan posts pictures of the fans, which is really what Warped is all about.

A new update to the Warped Tour site is the Warped Compound, which as well is rather scarce on info. They did mention on 6/29 that they were having computer problems, but I’m a little puzzled by the simple “hi” post on 7/2

Well friends, off to surf the blogs! Tomorrow is wednesday so I'm trying to wade through the WARPED TOUR ROCKEDDDDDD posts to find the few that stand out.

10:20 PM - Update - Fear not, Captain Dan fans -- he's back! We can hold off running his "Have you seen me?" picture on the back of Monster Energy Drink cans for now. There are new updates for the missing days between 6/30 and 7/4. But where was he during that time? He's not telling, lending credence to my Scenario #4. I'm heading off to bed now but a brief scan showed the 7/4 entry is a loving tribute to the loving moms and dads who hang out in the Parent's Tent. Go ahead and share the love.


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