Thursday, July 28, 2005

Warped Tour 2006 Wish List

Warped Tour is nothing if not flexible. That’s one of it’s strengths, and what has made it a success year after year. It changes with the times, and the things that don’t work get dropped.

I’m hearing a similar thread running through a lot of parent emails, and by the end of the season I’ll put a ‘wish list’ for Warped Tour 2006. Here are some of the things those footing the bill for tickets are requesting:

The Reverse Daycare – it’s got to be bigger. Whomever sponsors it at each venue has to realize that this reflects on them as a business. A small, dinky, cramped and crowded Reverse Daycare shouts, “We are cheap bastards” to those cramped and crowded inside it. So c’mon PR Execs. Release the funds to double the size of the Parent’s Tents for 2006. Also, I’m hearing some parents are having a hard time finding it once there. Take a cue from the Marines or YooHoo, and have something large and eye-catching that floats above the crowd.

I’m dead serious here, and I’m also changing my parent review form. I’m going to start asking, “Who sponsored the Parent’s Tent?” So here's a chance to get free advertising from parents. Corporate Sponsors: You can afford larger tents, and you know it. Just choose the same size tent you do when you have your parties at the Hamptons. It does make a difference to those parents who are also your customers. And your stockholders. As a stockholder, I like to see the companies I invest my tens of dollars in put my money to good use. Nice sponsored events that promote branded customer loyalty are a good use. Bloated executive salaries and benefits aren’t.

In all fairness this is something that's probably already in the planning stages. The NY tent in 2004 was better than the tent in 2003, which was better than the tent in 2002. One thing that happens at Warped Tour each year is that things that work get improved upon; things that don't work get dropped. But if you're a parent who said "Yes" to Warped Tour based on the simple fact that they are the only concert of it's type thoughtful enough to offer a quiet resting place for parents, and then either can't find said resting place or can't get a seat in it, it makes you that much more likely to say "No" next year.

Backpacks – please, ok, please let them bring in backpacks. Really. Seriously. Let me tell you a little something about terrorists – if they want to hit Warped Tour, they will. Backpack or no backpack. Refusing to let 15 year old Janey from Milwaukee bring a backpack in is not going to keep our nation safe, OK? And those security guards you venues are paying slave wages to keep the backpacks out – they think that rule is bullshit too. Believe me. That ‘no backpack’ thing is coming to you from the same folks who fall for “They hate us for our freedom.” line. So wise up. They don’t hate us because we are free, and they can and do hit with or without backpacks if they want to. Post-911 security in New York had no problem letting 10K+ kids bring backpacks in, and they had enough security guards to check them. They need something to hold all stuff they get and the cell phones/ wallets/ sunscreen they need to bring in.

Now these things VF Corporation/Vans has no control over. But they could certainly urge their sponsors and venues a little. It ain’t like they don’t have the financial muscle to do so. Any more suggestions? Feel free to use the review form over at my website to let me know, and I’ll get that up somewhere around the end of September.

Oh, and serious wishes, kids, OK? Putting “WARPED TOUR BANDS SUCK” is just going to wind up in my recycle bin. It's not like this is going anywhere or means anything. I'm just curious what your wish list would be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea.. backpacks.. def need to be allowed

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why you're singling out terrorists on the backpack subject. There are also stalkers that could endanger the lives to the performers and others.

10:58 PM  

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