Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wednesday WarpedBlogging IV

Welcome to the fourth weekly Wednesday Warpedblogging, where those who show the ability to coherently explain their Warped Experience get a little love.

Captain Dan returns with a vengeance, and in his 7/6 post explains his absence. None of my scenarios, however. It’s the webmaster’s fault! Now, who ever heard of a webmaster who doesn't work weekends and holidays? That's against the rules!

I never want to run into Tulip or Twisted while out doing errands for fear I’d show up on their blog. I’d definitely fall into some fashion don’ts post.

Jason risked a really bad cold drink headache by pounding down strawberry margaritas in the Beer Garden and Joel shows amazing time management abilities. Wow, indeed.

Ingle actually took the time to review the bands in her post… and to do a great job of it to boot, while rainydaypsycho writes an open letter to the 10K+ in attendance.

AmyDials spreads nasty rumors. Visit her blog and repeat everything she writes.

I don’t know what was in the light of shakarosey’s bathroom, but she’s a braver woman than I for getting so close to it. Speaking of health safety, please have all the free safe sex you want by taking all of spicyofloggins’ condoms so they can see the bands.

Sure.. you could find better photos than sloanro’s, but would you find better captions? I think not! Chris has a nice album, but the mother in me just does not approve of that driving.

That wraps it up for this week. Are there more? Of course there are, but I just don't have time to hunt them all down. If you feel you've got a warpedblog that should get a little attention, feel free to drop me a note at tmdwarped at yahoo dot com and I'd be happy to feature you next go 'round.

How to WarpedBlog: A tutorial

Just in case you’d like to be added some Wednesday, I thought I’d put a few pointers out there.

Own a blog.

Write in the blog using proper punctuation and spelling. Occasional typos are ok. Occasional punctuation errors are ok. Occasional typos combined with occasional punctuation errors are OK. Massive combinations of both are disqualifications.

Same for 133t spelling and/or sTICkY cApZZZZZZZ. Or over-useage of ZZZZZZ in place of the letter “s” for plural words.

Purchase a Warped Tour ticket from a Warped Tour approved ticket vendor.

Attend Warped Tour. It is mandatory that you visit every stage. Yes, you heard me, every stage.

Go home.

Turn on computer.

Log into blog

Write blog entry using the following template:

Today I attended Warped Tour at (insert location). Mention a few words about who you went with. Insert funny anecdote about either a) drive to Warped Tour or b) events leading up to your attending Warped Tour or c) a combination of a and b

Write a maximum of three paragraphs on the big-name bands you saw. Write a minimum of three paragraphs on the smaller bands you saw. You want to have this to look back on in years to come for your “I knew them when…” stories.

Go to the tents and the booths. Talk to people. Get their names and myspace usernames and/or websites, so when you write about them later you can link to them. Hopefully they’ll return the favor.

Write at least one paragraph on the most bizarre person you saw at Warped Tour. Alternately, write at least one paragraph on any combination of bizarre people seen at Warped Tour. Also add a few lines of how nice a certain person who you expected to be horribly stuck up was, and how horribly stuck up a certain person who you expected to be nice was.

Write about the best thing that happened to you on Warped Tour. Also write about the worst thing that happened to you on Warped Tour.

Wrap it all up by waxing philosophic on the sorry state of punk today. If you’re under the age of 25, write how much (fill in the genre) is ruining the scene. If you’re over the age of 35, write that one story about the back room at CBGB’s and pray your kids never find your blog.

Ping your blog so I’ll find you.

If you don’t see your post on a Wednesday Warpedblog, just drop me a line.


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