Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesday WarpedBlogging V

It’s the third day of the week, which means it’s time for round 5 of Wednesday Warpedblogging, where we wave off the witless, the weak, the watered-down, the wearisome, the without-Thesaurus bloggers of America in search of those able to translate memories into readable text.

In the official Warped Tour blog, Captain Dan reports on the inconsistencies of logic displayed by the undead.

Is “cellar door” truly the most beautiful phrase in the English language? I’m not sure. I’ve always been more enamored of “buy one get one free”, but that’s just me. In any event, cellar door lists the best and the worst of the day, as well as a warning to those of you who punch in the pit. Don’t make her tell you twice.

Missmal’s calling it quits and has pledged this to be the last Warped Tour. Definitely our loss, ‘cause it’s a great review. Stilettos?? Please, Lord, if you exist, please let me find the blog entry of whomever the fool was wearing stilettos.

Also calling it quits is Wendy. In case you are wondering, she did not have a good day.

Brande Jackson of Lokahi Outreach endured the spiritual and olfactory assault of a slaughterhouse to add 750 more to the ONE Campaign. There are some great pictures of the booth here.

And who’s my favorite WarpedBlogger this week? Why, it’s none other than Mosie, the greatest grandmother in the world, who posted her day here and here, along with some great pictures. And might I add that this was not Mosie’s first Warped? She’s done it before. Any parent who refuses to take their kid to Warped after reading Mosie’s blog deserves to be horsewhipped.

That's all I had time to search for this week. I'm sure there were other great blogs out there, but the demands of my job took over. Unless I can get a corporate sponsor, sadly work comes first. Life is just so unfair!

Speaking of sponsors, I’ll just add this thought. Why aren’t any manufacturers of sunscreen products Warped Tour sponsors? Wouldn’t it make sense? Why not pass out free sunscreen packets and skin cancer awareness to the concertgoers?

What is the one thing people repeat over and over and over? Answer: that they got burned. It’s time for WarpedTourMom to nag at you kids, so sit down, and no one is allowed out until I am finished.

• More than a million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year.

• One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime.

• One person dies every hour from skin cancer, primarily melanoma.

• The incidence of melanoma is increasing rapidly in women under the age of 40 being the most common cancer in young women aged 25-29 and second only to breast cancer in women aged 30-34.

If you have fair skin, like I do, and burn easily, like I do, and have gotten sunburned, like I did, you are at a high risk of getting melanoma.

Like I did.

It’s not fun. Yeah, yeah, I know, it can’t happen to you.

I thought the same thing. And then it did.

Please wear sunscreen. Not just at Warped Tour, but every day. It’s not worth it, seriously.

1 in 5 people diagnosed with melanoma will be dead within 5 years.

At Warped Tour there are booths for AIDS prevention. There are booths about breast cancer. There are booths about smoking. For Warped Tour 2006, I’d like to see a booth about skin cancer.

Our ozone layer is too damaged to protect us. And as we lay in the sun under it, we are dieing.

Don’t smoke. Practice safe sex. Perform breast self examinations. And educate yourself about the sun.

I’m done ranting. You can go outside and play now. But put on sunscreen first.


Blogger Just Wandering said...

Wow, that's some scary stuff about skin cancer. Almost makes me want to put on some sunscreen...but I have heard that most of the damage happens before you're 18 so I think it's too late for me.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous shea said...

Hahaha, I've been wondering where the extraordinary amount of hits have been coming from. This is the "cellar door" writer in the house.

And yes...don't punch me in the pit. ;)

P.S. The whole "cellar door is the most beautiful" is actually a line I got from the movie Donnie Darko.

5:17 PM  
Blogger WarpedTourMom said...

Glad I could send you the traffic Shea! It was a great post you wrote, and deserves a little attention. And I love Donnie Darko... but I'm still holding by my original assertion on 'buy one get one free'.

And just wandering - it's never too late! Start now!

6:04 PM  

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