Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday WarpedBlogging Volume III

Welcome to the third Wednesday Warpedblogging, where your gracious webmistress weeds through the banal, the pointless, the child-obviously-left-behind ramblings of the masses to bring you the few literate Warped Tour bloggers.

I’ve found a few more blogs about and/or related to Warped Tour, and you’ll see them in the sidebar to the right.

As for those who actually have a life that doesn't revolve around Warped...

Jerry honestly isn’t a drunk, he just forgot that all important nose area when applying sunscreen. JessK endured the burn as well, along with elbow jabs from fangirls.

Katrina provides a list of important mosh pit do’s and don’ts, while Katie just lets her fists and feet do the talking, and joy's friend loses half a toenail but learns an important lesson about appropriate moshpit footwear.

I had to google what a bilagaana was but, white or otherwise, Carmen’s ucky bilagaana experience sounds just plain gross. Not her photoblog though, which shows the teeming mob in all it’s glory. IdleThreat has a swarm of great pictures as well.

Speaking of great pictures, I don't know which I like more... the writing or the photos in underbelly's post. This is my favorite blogpost of the lot. No wait, it's lazymatt's. Or is it nate's?

Cory's blog doesn't mention if her dream came true, but at least it sounds like she had a great day.

For those of you yet to blog your day, here's a tip: If you're going to follow the lead of these other warpedbloggers and write more than the standard one line post about how much Warped Tour rocked, why not tag your posts so it will make it easier for other bloggers to find you in the future.


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