Friday, July 15, 2005

What's a girl gotta do to get a Google ranking around this place?

So, so discouraged.

It's been two months now since I fell from that golden #3 position.


Out of all the keyword combinations, it's the "warped tour" search string that is the most important. It's really not the most competitive of terms. "Warped Tour". Not like there are thousands of competing sites strictly devoted to it. But the results are really interesting. Here are today's top ten ranked pages for a Google search using the keywords warped tour:

1 and 2.
Duh. Obviously that should be first. Interestingly enough Google only gives them a PR of 4 and they only have 30 Google-recognized backwards links. Yet there really is no other site that should have position 1.

Duh again. Another no-brainer. They've been at it for so long. I'm glad to see them back on page 1 again. Back in May for some reason they did a huge drop briefly. Sandbox maybe. In any event they are holding at a PR4 as well, although they've got beat with 93 official backwards links. And I love them forever because they linked to me.

Now this one is really interesting that it comes up in position 4. It's a really great review, don't get me wrong. Honestly it's one of the best Warped Tour reviews from a surfing standpoint. Little text, lots of pictures. Fast enough to hold a web surfer's 10 second interest before making that decision to click back or next. However, it's a review of the 2000 New Jersey event. So what makes that a position 4 rank? PR/backwards links are PR4/BWL12. Not incredible numbers. I jumped up to the main site. That's PR5/BWL74 which is probably what's giving them their position, but I still find it odd that a five year old review comes in at 4.

If I were Google, this would be my choice for the position 4 rank. Fanscape is the official marketing company of Warped Tour. PR4/BWL' oddly enough.. 0. That's odd, because so many webmasters are running the official Warped Tour news applet on their site. Wouldn't that make it BWL(infinity)?


Expletive deleted. Oh come on. Here's what's so weird. BWL lists as having a link to them, but they don't. Weird, weird, weird, weird.


Ok another no-brainer. It is RollingStone after all. But again this makes me very confused about the whole PR/BWL theory that everyone pounds on. This is PR0/BWL0. Again, it is RollingStone, but if the PR/BWL theory is correct this should be way down.


Now, exactly how does a news site get a PR4 when the BWL is 0? Is it because it's Yahoo? It has to be. However, this is a Reuters news feed, which means that every lazy newspaper Entertainment Editor picked this up to run, and it's duplicated on all the newspaper websites. So that blows the whole "avoid duplicate content like the plague" theory of Google positioning.

Yeah, as it should be. Official soundtrack.


Expletive deleted yet again. However, as opposed to so many other ticket sites, this one actually offers content. PR5/BWL...460? What? All the BWL's are from their own site. C'mon Google.

From an SEO standpoint, none of this makes any sense, and it goes against the rules of everything I've been reading from the experts at the blogs listed in the sidebar, as well as various SEO forums. What about Vans? Wouldn't they come up on page 1? How about PETA2, Truth, Samsung, Cincular... other sponsors who have high ranking websites closely affiliated with Warped Tour. This is all just too confusing for me.

144 and 145



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