Monday, July 18, 2005

Yeah. What they said.

This guy and this guy.


In both lists, there's only one true answer. It's #9 in Stuntdubl's. I'm a play it safe kind of girl. Hence, the correct answer is: the blue pill.

Seriously though, it is true that the amount of confusion and contradictions you see as you browse seo and serp forums puts the there were no wmd's vs. the wmd's were moved debates to shame.

As far as how this relates to my Google woes, I think I'm just going to let it slide. I could spend hours and hours and hours reading every blog and forum out there and come out twice as confused as when I went in. I've submitted to every directory I can think of, and now my next step is to try and build links with music sites. By the time I'm done that, Warped Tour will be over for the year and I can stop obsessing over how much Google traffic I've lost, and work on fixing that horrible bands page. I'll have the luxury of a 6 month block of time before the Warped Tour 2006 traffic starts to pick up again.

I think part of my problem for the Parent's Guide is I'm in just too much of a niche. I'm in a niche of a niche. Not about Warped Tour itself. Not about parenting itself. But directed towards parents of young teens and preteens who want to go to Warped Tour. However, they are a large force, and the parents who do manage to find my site are eternally grateful (as are their kids who get a "yes" answer out of them after reading the page). So I dunno. The information in the forums and blogs are great if you are looking to make a living on the web. For those of us who have some knowledge we want to pass on to others, and think the internet is a good place to do it, it becomes a despair of choices type thing.

This isn't to say that I'm going to stop reading them. I'll read them and use the knowledge I find in them every day until my site comes up at least on the third page of google for my keywords. However I will pass on right now that the best piece of advice I received wasn't on a seo or serp blog or forum, it was actually on a music forum.

When I went down to serp position 9000-something for my keywords, I was told to just set up a profile, link it to my website, and get bands to add me as friends. Within 2 weeks I had gone up from 9000-something to 200-something. Also oddly enough, my myspace profile was immediately assigned a PR5, if you can believe that. It's since jumped down to a PR2, however just that myspace profile got me out of the netherworld. Just wanted to pass that on. Learn from the experts, but never underestimate the power of youth-driven social networking.

Note to self: look up definitions for the following terms because I don't have a clue what they mean:

-ros links
-302 hijacking

(a short while later)

OK I get 302 hijacking but the other two I'm blonde over. Anyone?


Anonymous DigitalGhost said...

ROS is Run Of Site links. Like you find in the footer of many e-comm sites.

LSI/LSA is atent semantic indexing and latent semantic analysis. Methods for determing the importance of a document based on the analysis of other documents within the entire corpus. (short version)

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