Monday, August 08, 2005

Apparently I have started a disturbing trend

I got this from the band A Void over at MySpace:

"hey when we were on warped tour i saw a lot of moms wearing big, pink Warped Tour Mom's that like a big cult or something?! just wondering, cause we saw them all over the country. "

Who are these women, and why are they masquarading as me?

Did you see a big pink Warped Tour Mom shirt there?

Did you buy a big pink Warped Tour Mom shirt there?

It’s actually a good idea though and I may put it on my todo list for Warped Tour 2006. When I re-do the page, I may start up a CaféPress site selling some shirts. Personally I wouldn't do pink at Warped, but if it's selling..... Hey, every little bit helps.

I really wonder where they came from. For some reason "Hot Topic" keeps popping up in my head but I'm not sure. I would think the legalities of actually selling something with the words 'Warped Tour' on them may open up a can of copyright troubles, although as long as it didn't have the actual logo on it, that may be ok. I'll ask my lawyer what he thinks.

Speaking of the page, it’s got to sit for right now. Incredibly busy day which includes taking two dead computers to the shop.

P.S. If you were at Warped Tour and happen to have a picture of one of these imposter Warped Tour Moms, could you drop me a copy at tmdwarped at yahoo dot com? I’d be interested in seeing what these shirts looked like. Thanks.

P.P.S. Due to my much kvetched-about car accident, I was not nor will not be at Warped Tour this year, so I hereby disavow any behavior of these Warped Tour Moms in the big pink shirts. If you saw a Warped Tour Mom in a big pink shirt, it was not me.


Anonymous Emily said...

LOL, if you put out the shirts, I'll definitely buy one for my mom! I love your site, keep up the great work! You're one of the main reasons I might get to go to Warped '06! ~ Emily

4:06 PM  
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