Thursday, September 01, 2005

You'll loot my server when you pry it out of my cold dead fingers.

The Interdictor.

I'll never complain about my tech support job again.

Still trying to get caught up on two week's worth of work. I have very little time to read any blogs or work on the website right now, but when I do have some free time, that's the blog I'm reading, just for the sheer I-don't-believe-I'm-actually-reading-this factor.

Bottom line: I love my job, I love my customers, but I'd have been soooo outta there long before tech operations turned into a paramilitary exercise. Today, I'm very grateful all I have to deal with are people who can't get their VPN to work properly when inside a hotel wireless network, as opposed to being barricaded in a high-rise with ersatz tie-around-their-foreheads Rambo SysAdmins. Not like I'm judging them or anything, honestly I'm really a 'walk a mile in another man's shoes' type person... but if I had the choice between heading for high ground or having support teams reconfigured into things like this:

"Camp Crystal is locked down for the night. Team SOTI (that's the crew up here) has broken up into 3 squads. Squad 1 is on diesel detail. Squad 2 is on patrol. Squad 3 is on service and support."

it's kind of a no-brainer. I'd take the pink slip.


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